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Ares Game | Part 1


This is the start of what I hope to be a long story.

I have been wanting to make a proper open world mmo rpg for a very long time. I have started two or three times in the past, but after a few weeks of work and failures, the projects fizzled.

This time, I am trying to be more realistic. Instead of overwhelming myself with complex features early on, I am starting with the basics, and will build upon those.

To challenge myself even more, I will be using C++…

I have only ever created one game in C before and many parts of C++ are a mystery to me, but through this project, I have already learned quite a lot, and I hope to learn much more.

Because this game will be very open, I am working on the different features of the game first, no storyline, no fancy graphics, etc.

I want to start with the difficult parts first, then add in the details.

Parts of the game I have created so far:

It seems like a lot… for me. But there is still so much to do.

For my ALPHA version, I still want to have simple PvP, a vendor system, and player respawn working.

I think with all these things working together, I can testing with other people and get a sense of what feels right and what I need to tweak.

Like I said, no story or theme yet, but I wanted to share the main features that distinguish. Yes, I know none of these ideas are unique, but I hope used together properly, they will make an entertaining mmorpg.


That's it for now.

We keep sharing thoughts and updates. And maybe a video demo soon!